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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  June 21, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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talk traffic and weather in a minute. first we'll get you caught up on the news. >> we know what was said word for word with omar mateen during middle of the club shooting. >> fbi released 11 transcripts detailing conversation he had with authorities he pledged allegiance to the leader of isis. at first the justice department didn't want to release the full transcript. they didn't want to give isis a public platform. >> this is a live look at vigil held for orlando shooting victims outside of the national rifle association headquarters fairfax. code pink and other anti-gun org sdraitionz calling for ban or assault rifles. 49 heart were made to honor those in orlando. >> the naacp honored the 49 people in the shooting that were gunned down and 9 people gunned down in south carolina church. north car line abecame an ep
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center or lgbt right after passing a law dick tairting which bathrooms transgender people can use. >> learning about the victim of a deadly shooting in d.c.. stephanie goodlow was killed inside her kentucky avenue hom home. her exboyfriend donald harryson killed her. she reported him top police several times. >> in arlington police say a woman was sexually assaulted at knifepoint inside her own home around 2 a.m. sunday north fourth street in boss stop park the suspect crawled into the ground floor apartment through app on window and the victim was able to escape to a bathroom and the suspect took off. anyone with information is asked to contact police. we're sdwo days away from learning fate of goodson. he's the third of six police officers in baltimore to stand trial in the death of freddie gray. a judge says he plans to make a ruling by thursday. goodson
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years in prison if convicted. >> happening today appeals hearing for georgetown rabbi was sentenced to 6 1/2 years for secret le recorded women while they took a ritual bass. hear is set for 9:30. >> a d.c. mom wants answers after her 7-year-old sop was left on a school bus more than an hour. he woke autopsy loan on the bu bus. he managed to opt doors and was found walking a loan in a parking lot. a good samaritan took him to school and antonio's mother says she believes this was done on purpose. >> chilling momingts at a trump rally in las vegas over the weekend. a britt irk man was arrested for attempting to grab a police officer's gun. he wanted to kill trump the investigators say. michael steven sanford approached a las vegas police officers at the cam pain stop day. he originally claimed he wanted to get trump's autograf
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yesterday he was charged with act of violence on restricted grounds. >> as you get ready for day four of metro second safe track phase it looks like we're seeing some results. >> that probably doesn't offer much consolation for riders forced to endure extra long commutes. melanie alnwick is live at the bening road station today with more. hey, mel. >> hi, good morning, yes, so look, yesterday i guess went as well as can be expected and pretty much right on the mark to what metro was predicting. good news later in the day as they looked at the passenger numbers. passengers in this section here that closed off section from minnesota avenue bening road to eastern market 65% reduction in passengers and that's what met low said it needed to see. 7 out of ten people that regularly ride to find a different way to work. each though we had crowded buses, that is what you got with that kind of reduction in numbers. so metro told passengers that
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shuttle buss in no way would be able to duplicate train service and that really was evidence on day one of search two. packed buses, long lines to get on board and traffic meant long uncomfortable commutes. many told us it added an hour to their day. now the closure of stations on the elevated track coming out of eastern market is necessary to deal with main takenence. mandated by the federal transit administration. and yesterday general manager paul wheatfeld tweeted pictures of repair work. we know they're doing a lot of work on third rail and power systems and cleaning up tracks as well. metro reported also, yesterday, it's completed ahead of schedule installation of all those power cables ceilings which is really important here. those were some of the problems ntsb identified as leading to some arching incidents and eve even, i believe, the fire at and smoke incident at la front applause a long time coming to get those done
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stations metro hopes to get all above ground stations done by end of summer. really important working done. lot of progress being made. let's go to erin come owe with more on the work around. >> just to recap closures, 4:35 eastern mark tote bening road and minnesota avenue no train service. shuttle service potomac and stadium armory stations completely shut down but shuttle service available there as well. deep in mind as melanie mentioned crowded shuttle buses over hour wait times mixed in the traffic and avoid metro if you can. chose an alternate. arlington cemetery to as land on the blue line no service to d.c., maryland or now also keep in mind if you want to get around that and choose an alternate this morning for tuesday increased metro bus service. fairfax connect ter. v rext e chains. arlington rapid transit all options for you.
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left offering pool services which whirl reduce prices for you for taking a more lengthy commute. capital bike share if you want to keep it healthy and hitting the roads now 4:36, things are quiet across the board marylan maryland, 29, 295, 50 in both dreks and same story in virginia not usual congestion develop in stafford. any questions with alternates. @erin "fox5" do on twitter. back to you mike. >> busy day on the roads. it will be a busy day in the weather department as well more so than the last couple days. spoiled with the great weather the past couple days. today, chance of showers. some could be strong. more in a moment. mild start we're having. 75 degrees out here this morning in washington. annapolis and quantico at 7. mannasas 68, frederick 72, 78 in hagerstown and nearly 81 in cumberland, maryland. satellite and radar
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cloud than we had the past several mornings. when you see storms firing over the mountains of west virginia because of that i cannot rule out a shower coming in in the morning hours. here's your planner, 76 degrees. maybe a shower 8 . it's more the afternoon when we can seat popup thunderstorms. again some of which could be severe. more details on that in a bit. holly, maureen, back up to you. >> coming up on "fox" news morning cleveland championship has people talking about cursed sports cities, d.c. and burgandy and gold may come to mind. despite recent history we have experienced championship teams. >> one sports city is far more cursed than cleveland ever was and controversial ruling by the supreme court may have erased centuries of protection we once had under fourth amendment. >> as we head to break a live look across the z.c. region, time now 4:37. we'llen back with more fox news morning♪
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>> supreme court giving police officers more power to stop and question people feign it's not clear they have done something wrong. 5-3 ruling sfremz utah case a man was found with drugs in his car after illegally stopped. justice clarence thomas says because he had as outstanding warrant for a traffic violation the illegal stop can be ignore ignored. all three women justice were in dissent of the decision. it does not encompass ideals of democracy. >> justices deexplained to take up constitutional college to con cop gun law passed in wake of shooting. it banned semi-automatic weapons and large capacity magazines. and finally
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you think cleveland sports fans had it bad until sunday night let's not forget about upstate new york city buffalo home to the bills, saib ors, its most notable player o.j. simpson and who can forget the four straight super bowl losses in the 90s. >> ouch. >> sorry buffalo. >> coming up on "fox" news morning a decade battle over tickets now resolved. >> and death of young actor subject of a federal investigation. >> and a live look across the region. >> get down on it♪ . >> it is 4:41. we hope the music gets you going. it will be a great day. fox news morning after this♪ get down on it get down on it♪
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z212mz zi0z y212my yi0y >> we're back at 4:44 now. happening now a security scare in brussels looking at video that just came into the newsroom of anti terror forces responding to suspicious package at a major shopping center in the belgium capital. one man was taken into custody and the package we understand was a fake explosive belt. also happening now closer to home a live look at vigil outside the national rivrle association headquarters fairfax. it's in honor of orlando shooting victims. code pink and other
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organizations are calling for a ban on assault rifles. 49 hearts were made to hop hor those killed in the shooting. 75 degrees ldthon tuesday morning at quarter till 5 which i think mike means it will be a pretty toasty day. >> you got that right. and unfortunately that also means there's a lot more humidity coming our way today. >> great. >> drier air usually gets cooler. not so much today and also a concern for today, scattered strong storms coming back to the picture. later on this afternoon. gotten off easy the past couple days have to pay the tax man later today. >> satellite and radar here a mix of clouds and clear skies out. there i saw the moon poking through a little out there once again as i was on my way to work. a little thunderstorm activity pulling over the mountains and should die down a bit as it comes across and a shower or two aroundment main piece of energy up through pennsylvania anoh
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and that will swing through later today and that will be the trigger for showers and possibly stronger thunderstorms as well. and here's your future castfy go out to lunch later today. mix of clouds to and sun aropd the noon hour. then as we work our way into the afternoon there's some of those stronger storms around 3, 4:00 today and maybe we get one or two rounds through here. there's 7:00 tonight another around of showers and storms here at d.c. before things start to quiet down as we head to the evening and overnight hours. decent amount to watch in the weather center today. we are outlooked for the risk for severe weather. better chance of severe weather down to the south. however we can got rule it out from d.c. to north as well. marginal risk there in the green. slight risk in the yellow and slight risk is higher versus marginal. also another chance for severe weather later thi week already. that cold front that sinks out today will return as warm front as we head to thursday and area of low pressure ride ago long it could kick up stronger thunderstorms as well. this could be a rare event where we
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the morning. we'll keep our eye on thursday as we head through the next couple of days here. the forecast, 89 today. scattered storms, humidity back as well. tomorrow, starts with a lot of sunshine. but we'll end with cloud cover. and then as we work into thursday looks like the wettest date of the week so far. good news, erin, zip trip weather looks fantastic. >> come here mike. >> i need to you help me for something. >> it's severally day. >> it's national selfie day. >> smile. >> national selfie day. >> first severally. >> i took one in the traffic office to check my hair. >> well as you wake up around the dmv this tuesday morning, 5 south. come here mike can i hand you my phone. 95 south powder mill to the beltway that's exactly what you want to see there. going two miles. it's exactly the speed you want to see. top side of the beltway problem free from a 5 to georgia. nonef
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congestion yet. inbound commute looking nice. jorming washington parkway from the beltway to 14 street bridge taking you 11 miles across all the area bridges, 14 street bridge. 11 street, third street tunnel looking good good sutland parkway to the douglass bridge and i like what i'm seeing on the roads. 395 north etsell to king a five minute trip and upper roop close ago long branch avenue across the bridge to alexandria. what we should see don't forge forget, surge day for melt row surge two could cause more problems on this tuesday as you adjust to the new patterns. no rail service between eastern market, bening road, minnesota oaf, potomac avenue, stadium armory station closed. they have shuttle puss there. helping you plan the route to work and get there on time. back to you holly and maureen. >> fox news morning house leaders providing a bill to help maryland firms on fronts line of growing war. >> and free tickets waiting on you if you ever bought
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on this one particular web site. >> and as we head to break a live look across the z.c. region. hey today is national selfie day. yeah it's a thing. we want to she yourselfy of you watching "fox5". post them online using #"fox5" selfy. keep it clean. talking to you that one person. time now 4:49 fax news morning back after this ♪ ♪ the best way to get together,
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>> the 47-year-old illinois rep must turn himself in wednesday afternoon. >> auto maker fiat chrysler may be on the death for "star trek" antoine yell sop earlier the 2 27-year-old was found crushed between home security gate and jeep grand cherokee it was part of voluntary recall to fix the car gear shifter cited for confusing drivers over whether it's in park or neutral. car maker says it's working with police in cop dubting its own investigation into the accident. >> bob mcdonald it get working to get more money from the veterans affairs department. >> comes as the count down continues for the summer reces recess. mcdonald wants funding foret veterans program and without that funding it will fall shor short. later this week deputy veteran as fairs sloane gibson will testify about the house set ra
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raps fair commute tee and will address the need for funding to overall haul the department. >> a passing a new law to encourage the whitehouse administration to work with small cyber security firms. if proposal becomes a law it givers the department of homeland security six months to develop a strategic plan to work with cyber startup. >> embattled small catholic school in rural maryland has a new leader. mount st. mary has a new interim president timothy trainer. trainer was stevshs as dean on academic board as west point. the school made national headlines january after the former president made controversial comments about students being shot who were struggling academically. millions of ticket master customers are getting free ticket vouchers offer stems from 13-year-old lawsuit. ticket master september free ticket vochers to neighbor who made purchases on the site.
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those customers aid order processing fee never refunded and this after a 2003 lawsuit accused ticket master after charging excessive and deceptive fees. >> happening today a virtual job fair in frederick, marylan maryland. >> united healthcare want to fill 120 new positions in frederick office. job hunters can apply online 24 hours a day from now until thursday. united healthcare reps will be on hand for in person inquires today at the frederick coffee company 3 this afternoon to 7 p.m.. >> all right. coming up on 4:55 on this tuesday morning mike thomas it is already warm out there. >> yes, maureen, warm out there. mid 70s to start the day. that's not bad. no jacket needed as you head out the door. grab umbrella though you may need to later. straight to satellite and rada radar. storms popping up to the west out there. there it is. all right. you see showers and storms popping up over
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of west virginia and those head our way as we head to latter part of morning and could be a shower or two around 8, 9:00 this morping and main event is later this afternoon as a cold front swings the way southward. that could kick up stronger showers and storms, 3, 4:00 athis afternoon. we have to keep our guard up. 87. chance for thunderstorms returns thursday and some of those could be strong as well. busy next three days here in the weather department. that's a look at weather. erin has the traffic. hey, erin. >> 4:55 now we're tracking breaking news a crash 95 northbound at the icc an exit lanes are blocked. you want to deep to the left there. there is north of beltway. if you head towards bwi for flight this morning keep it to bw parkway would be a better bet. we'll let you know if delays develop past that crash scene as more folks hit the road. aside from that 50 westbound side speeds what she you this be. 8 minutes to get from maryland 3 to beltway and inside the beltway cruise ago long nooring
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problem free all the secondarys down by capitol look going now. no parking problems yet and inner loop across the wilson bridge problem free as well. 395 cruisinging alone and no issues dull tos reagan national. we'll look at safe track and surge two and see how it's affecting the orange and silver lines. >> coming up on "fox" news morning a popular bridge connecting virginia and district in need of 250 million in repairs. >> and a man arrested after frying to grab an officer's son at a political rally. you will never believe why police say he did it. >> let's look at today's stock futures. aw, "fox5 news morning" back
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>> straight ahead the supreme court makes a ruling of how police officers can interact with you during a stop. >> and around the clock repair work and switching to a different line. >> a day of more heat and humidity because of the morning and midday rain. owe okay, we'll get the details on that a little later. >> but,
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morning to you we're happy you're with us on this tuesday, i'm holly morris. >> i'm maureen umeh. >> today is tuesday, june 21. you have michael thomas, erin como, they're standing by with weather and traffic owe for you on the fives. meantime i want to show you about this supreme court giving police officers more power to stop and question people even if when it's not clear they have done something wrong. >> the five to three ruling stems from utah case where a man was found with drugs in his car after illegally stopped. justice klaerns thomas says because he had outstanding warrants for the traffic violence the illegal stop can be ignored. however all three women justic justices dissented the decisio decision. dus jis sonya soto meier said the ruling does not encompass the ideals of democracy. >> senate blocked four gun control measures to ban gun sales to suspected terrorists it came after a week after the orlando night club shooting. republicans and allies and


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